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Video 7: Victorian licence fees

We have a quick look at our licence fees and the risk of the government trying on a massive fee hike when our Firearm Regulations are re-made later this year.

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Video2: The 2017 Victorian duck hunting season

This year’s duck season is now underway, and the unwashed continue to protest.

Enjoy it. .. and if you aren’t a duck hunter, why not find out more? You might find you’d like to take it up!

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Get back in your box, Minister: Tasmania Police

Tasmania’s police minister, Rene Hidding, has clarified how his state’s appearance laws are to  be administered.  His regulator, the Tasmania Police, has decided otherwise. 

If Minister Hidding wants to be seen as being in charge of his portfolio, then he needs to put the Tasmania Police back in their place as a servant, rather than master, of the state. Read more »

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Media Release: Shooters push for fairer calibre limits

We’ve just put this media release out calling for fairer calibre limits for pistol target shooters.  We’ve got a couple of other issues relating to pistol shooting we’ll be putting releases out on in the next few weeks.
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