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How buying bread will help you buy more ammo

The CFCV is the political arm of 6 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. 

It fights hard to help stop the sorts of attacks on shooters you’ve seen escalate over the past couple of years.  We do this by backing pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections, in the same way the NRA does in the US. 

This is where you come into the plan. Read more »

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Not familiar with our work?

Many of you who follow us online know what we’ve been up to – but many others may not.

So here’s a summary for those of you who are less familiar with our work, of what we’ve been doing over the past few months. Read more »

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Join a club today!

Here’s a couple of reasons you should join a shooting club, if you aren’t already a member of one..

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We need to do a more. A lot more.

If you’re concerned shooting organisations aren’t doing enough to protect the shooting sports, then don’t blame them.

Blame us. Read more »

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