How buying bread will help you buy more ammo

The CFCV is the political arm of 6 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. 

It fights hard to help stop the sorts of attacks that you recently saw on our lever action shotguns.  We do this by backing pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections, in the same way the NRA does in the US. 

This is where you come into the plan …. Read more »

ANTIQUES: why register something which isn’t dangerous?

Dr Malcolm McKay, Secretary of the Antique & Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, has kindly submitted this piece on the registration of multi-shot antique firearms which were previously exempted from registration. Read more »

Get back in your box, Minister: Tasmania Police

Tasmania’s police minister, Rene Hidding, has clarified how his state’s appearance laws are to  be administered.  His regulator, the Tasmania Police, has decided otherwise. 

If Minister Hidding wants to be seen as being in charge of his portfolio, then he needs to put the Tasmania Police back in their place as a servant, rather than master, of the state. Read more »

Our latest video: why we support pro-shooting candidates

In our latest video, we explain that we support candidates as individuals rather than the parties they represent

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