A message for One Nation and Australian Conservative voters

Support ON and AC – and feel abandoned? Check out our voting recommendations

A quick look at what’s wrong at the NFA

For any major political parties wondering why shooters get so upset ..


How Labor – or preferably the Liberals – can fix our police problem

We’ve been critical of the conduct of the Victoria Police over the past couple of years, because of their interference in the policy making process, and refusal to be open and transparent.

Now they have given us a response to another Freedom Of Information (FOI) request which shows how toxic their behaviour has become. 

It’s a deliberate pattern of behaviour which has played a major part on why the shooting community has decided to take a strong position against Labor at this month’s state election. Read more »

Labor and the Greens – and the balance of power

If you had any doubt about what is at stake at this month’s state election, then here’s a clue.

That’s why we’re running a campaign covering every electorate. Our voting advice will come out early next week, when prepolling starts, so stay tuned!


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