Herald Sun pushes the Adler barrow – yet again

Herald Sun - Adler - 22 August 2016

Once again the Herald Sun has published an article without including comment from our industry, or declaring the MD’s link to the AMF.

That’s a total of 12 in just 5 months – one every two weeks. Read more »

Why consultation by our police forces remains an issue

You may have heard Tasmania Police have withdrawn their reclassification guidelines.

While that is good news, this episode reaffirms the problem that our police forces do a pretty bad job when it comes to consultation. Read more »

Why the NSW greyhound ban is bad news for hunters


The animal liberationists are on the warpath, and what happened to the greyhound industry in NSW was one of the swiftest political executions we’ve seen in a long time. 

Oh – did I neglect to say hunting could be next? Read more »

How buying beer and doughnuts will make your life better

Who doesn’t love Homer Simpson?  He brought beer and doughnuts back to life.


If you’re about to jump in your car to get your beer and doughnuts – along with your milk, bread, biscuits and carrots – then head to a Ritchies IGA with your Community Benefits card made out to the CFCV.

Part of what you spend will then be donated to the CFCV.

Imagine that – buying your every day items from the supermarket directly helps protect the shooting sports!

Order your Community Benefits card by clicking here now!

(Click here to find out where your nearest Ritchies IGA is)

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