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VCAT: Our new push to find out what the Victoria Police told the government

“If you haven’t got anything to hide,
then what’s the problem?”

That’s what the police will say when people won’t talk to them. 

Why then won’t they tell us what their ‘recommendations for firearm reform legislation’ are? Yep, Victoria Police has something to hide – and we’re leading the fight to find out what it is. Read more »

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Our look at the proposed NSW firearm regulations

The NSW government is proposing new firearms regulations which were recently put out for consultation.

While it was up to shooting organisations in that state to respond, we thought we’d go through it to show you what is being proposed. 

Importantly it shows our brethren are having up north are having a major problem with their bureaucracy.  It’s a culture which needs to change.  Read more »

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The advantages of illegal gun ownership

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NFA Update: the changes the government will make to our Firearms Act

The CFCV has had a win on the NFA front – of sorts.

You will recall we led an industry submission to the Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, earlier this year pointing out changes made to the NFA which had not been previously announced and were clearly detrimental to the interests of the shooting sports.

Some of these changes included the imposition of ammo purchase limits, longer waiting periods for subsequent PTAs and potentially banning juniors from getting involved in the shooting sports.  Click here if you’d like to see our previous blog on this.

Most of those changes now look like they are dead in the water – at least for the time being. Read more »

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