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Open letter to shooting organisations: Firearms Amendment Bill

Here is a letter we are sending to all Victorian shooting organisations today.  It is hopefully self explanatory.  Please feel free to share it if you are on the executive of an organisation, or know someone who is. Read more »

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Victoria’s review of firearm regulations: our submission

As many of you know, the Victorian State Government is seeking submissions to the Regulatory Impact Statement proposing new Firearms Regulations to replace the existing ones, which expire in April.  Read more »

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Openly hostile: Minister Neville’s attack on shooters

The Victorian Liberal Party has moved three amendments to the Firearms Amendment Bill which are likely to be voted this week, possibly as early as Tuesday.

Unfortunately Labor has taken this news badly, and fired off a terse media release which is aimed at the Liberals. 

What it may not appreciate is that it is also attacking the integrity and legitimate concerns of the shooting community. Read more »

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Imagine if we saw THIS on the front page of the Herald Sun

IMAGINE if we ever had a front page like this?
This image was something I made up on Photoshop today to show you what could happen if we let our politicians think they can get away with doing us damage.
… actually, it’s not a fake. It’s real … Read more »
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