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The NFA stuff-up: “It was the shooters’ fault”

Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, has provided a three page response to the CFCV led industry paper pointing out anomalies and issues with the updated National Firearms Agreement.

We are grateful for the attention the minister gave to this, as he could just as easily ignored it, but has responded.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Regulatory fees ….

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Media Release: Community at risk over firearm data ‘honeypot’

Victoria’s firearm registry has become a ballooning risk to public safety, according to the political arm of the state’s shooting organisations.

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria president, Bill Paterson, said recent data leaks in Victoria and New South Wales compromised the safety of shooters and community members, and more leaks were inevitable. Read more »

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Firearm Regulations: We ask the OCBR to intervene

The CFCV has written to the Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation, asking it to question the veracity of the draft Firearm Regulations which it will be reviewing this year. Read more »

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