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How Labor – or preferably the Liberals – can fix our police problem

We’ve been critical of the conduct of the Victoria Police over the past couple of years, because of their interference in the policy making process, and refusal to be open and transparent.

Now they have given us a response to another Freedom Of Information (FOI) request which shows how toxic their behaviour has become. 

It’s a deliberate pattern of behaviour which has played a major part on why the shooting community has decided to take a strong position against Labor at this month’s state election. Read more »

Why is VicPol raiding our gun dealers and security businesses?

A few months ago, The Age ran a story about a security business owner, Michael Sloan, who had 16 rifles and a shotgun which our Licensing Regulation Division of Victoria police claimed it had seized. 

Except that Michael had them.  It was another problem with the database. Read more »

Superintendent allegedly caught with unregistered guns

3AW has reported that a Superintendent has been caught with unregistered firearms.

He apparently does not hold a firearms licence and despite this, has been suspended on full pay. Please, please, please give me a job where you can be suspended on full pay!

Click here to see the story.  We’ll follow this with real interest….

Why we don’t like surprises

The Andrew’s Labor Government could be set to spring new firearm laws on us without any consultation if it wins this year’s the state election. 

If we’re wrong, then we’ll set the record straight – but the fact remains that the Government and Victoria Police are sitting on 5 pages of “firearm reform legislation” proposals which they fought hard to keep from us, including through our recent VCAT action.

The burning question remains: what will Labor do after the election? Read more »