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Our VCAT hearing date: 13 November

Our VCAT action to find out what ‘recommendations’ to our firearm laws Victoria Police m.ade to the state government is coming to a head, with the hearing date set for November 13thbarely a week away.

It’s been a long journey, but one which has been worthwhile in asserting the CFCV as not tolerating policy decisions affecting you, being made behind our backs. Read more »

Victoria Police: The fight has started

Yep, we have just launched our action against the Victoria Police in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

We’re seeking an order that they reveal ‘recommendations’ they made to the Victorian State Government to have our gun laws changed, which they don’t want anyone to see. Read more »

Why we’re taking Victoria Police to VCAT

Every now and again there’s a great opportunity for shooters join an important fight for the future of the shooting sports. 

We’ve just found the next one.

Through a series of FOI requests on the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation and Victoria Police, we are now preparing to take action in VCAT against an underhanded move by Victoria Police to change our gun laws – while using questionable FOI exemptions to keep us in the dark.

Read more »

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