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Gun smuggling: how many guns do Customs seize every day?

Our FOI applications seeking information on how many illegally imported firearms Customs has seized has revealed some interesting information.

Around 8 guns, imitation firearms, parts and accessories detected each day are disposed of – either from a prosecution or not being able to identify the owner – and that’s obviously the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

This will be important information when it comes to the remaking of our Firearm Regulations 2008, as it challenges the often-held view that illegal guns come from the legal market. Read more »

Guns On The Waterfront: Our Porous Borders


Earlier this year the Australian Senate conducted a Greens initiated inquiry into how guns flow from the legal market into the illegal market.  The inquiry backfired for them by finding no such connection.

It also barely scratched the surface of where illegal guns come from. Read more »

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