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Federal Senate results – good or bad for us?

The results are in.  The new Senate comprises the following number of senators:

SenateFrom a shooting perspective it would be fair to say the Greens, Hinch and possibly Xenophon are anti-firearm. Those likely to be for include One Nation, LDP, Family First (Bob Day) and maybe Jacquie Lambie.

If we include the maybes, that would be 13 anti, and 7 for.


As the government would need 9 votes to get a majority (30+9=39, to get more than 50% of 76), any vote important enough to reach the senate could go either way.

Given the Greens would be likely to always vote against what we do, we suspect the overall result would not be good for us; but possibly better than the last Senate we had.

What the Federal Election could mean for us

federal electionThis article explains what the recent changes to the federal senate, and possibility of a double dissolution, could mean for shooters.  

It also explains why the Green could soon seize control of the Senate. Read more »

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