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Liberals – Green secret preference deal threatens shooters

Libs Greens dealThe CFCV understands that the Liberals have struck a secret preference deal with the Greens, which will target Labor’s support, and weaken the Nationals chances in key marginal seats.

It’ll also put target shooting and hunting in danger. Read more »

Redefine the gun debate. Now!

Redefine on black (FB block)The CFCV started in 2002, but it wasn’t until recently we decided on an aggressive new strategy that will change what the gun debate is about.  It’s about people: It’s about others who don’t trust who you are or what you do.

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How anti-gun parties stole your vote

preferencesIf you voted “above the line” in the upper house at last year’s Victorian state election, chances are your vote went to an anti-gun party, like the Greens. We’re here to stop that from happening.

The number of small parties attracting a few hundred votes each, leaves a lot of small parcels of votes that can be vacuumed up.  Who gets those parcels of votes isn’t determined by voters, but people hired for that purpose. It’s called ‘preference harvesting’. Read more »