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Why politicians don’t care

Why pollies don't careIn this article we explain why pollies in the major parties are rarely, if ever, are able to help shooters.  It explains why a coordinated concerted effort by shooters is needed to overcome this.
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Why every gunowner should worry about “037”


If shooters ignore our voting system, it won’t be a question of “if” the Greens will hold the balance of power in State Parliament, but “when”.

Here’s a number that should worry every shooter. 037.

0– That’s the number of Greens MPs in our state parliament ten years ago today.
3 – the number of Greens who got elected to the upper house in 2006, when the “proportional representation” voting system was introduced.
7– the number of Greens in state parliament right now. Five of them are in the upper house and two in the lower house. Read more »

8 things you can say to your local MP when talking about lever actions

Shooters concerned about the lever action ban should contact their local member of parliament to stop the proposed ban on lever actions.  Doing this is also important for our longer term fight for better firearm policies.

When you do go, there are EIGHT simple things we suggest you say to your MP. Read more »

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