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NFA Update: the changes the government will make to our Firearms Act

The CFCV has had a win on the NFA front – of sorts.

You will recall we led an industry submission to the Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, earlier this year pointing out changes made to the NFA which had not been previously announced and were clearly detrimental to the interests of the shooting sports.

Some of these changes included the imposition of ammo purchase limits, longer waiting periods for subsequent PTAs and potentially banning juniors from getting involved in the shooting sports.  Click here if you’d like to see our previous blog on this.

Most of those changes now look like they are dead in the water – at least for the time being. Read more »

Tim Bull adds pressure on Nats to fight reclassification


The member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has joined Senator McKenzie in making his displeasure over the likely vote on the reclassification of the Adler lever-action shotgun at COAG this coming Friday. Read more »

The NFA changes are dead: our lever actions are safe

John Howard lucked out(Above: former Primer Minister John Howard)

The Federal Government has announced there will be no changes to the National Firearms Agreement. 

Yep, the deal is dead.  Our lever actions are safe.
Read more »

Shooting industry submission to the NFA review

The SIFA, NFDA, ADA, SSAA, FGA and Antique Collectors have made a joint submission to the National Firearms Agreement review.

Click here to see it (PDF). Read more »

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