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What one international student had to ask when the LRD called


Some time ago we received an email from a shooter of Chinese origin who as trying to help his friend get a firearms licence.

The problem?  His friend is on a student visa, and is not a “permanent resident”. 

Yet the Firearms Act only requires someone who applies for a licence to be “a person”: it says nothing about the applicant having permanent residency. Read more »

Our LRD survey – and your savage responses

In 2015, the CFCV ran a survey of over 800 shooters which revealed how strongly we feel about the the performance of the Licensing and Regulation Division of VicPol.

We knew you’d be pretty unhappy with them – especially with their meddling during the lever-action shotgun fight – but what we didn’t expect was just how deep those feelings run!
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What are our unqualified bureaucrats hiding?


Want to know what our new Firearm Regs are likely to contain – after Tasmania and South Australia make it clear that there is a bigger agenda underway?  In this blog we tell you what we have and have not found out.
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