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The NFA changes are dead: our lever actions are safe

John Howard lucked out(Above: former Primer Minister John Howard)

The Federal Government has announced there will be no changes to the National Firearms Agreement. 

Yep, the deal is dead.  Our lever actions are safe.
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Stand up and be counted. Or lose your guns.

Donate with 5 orgs - generic call

In less than 100 days since deciding on a new workplan with 5 of Victoria’s largest shooting organisations, the CFCV has done more than we thought we’d be able to get done. We have:

  • expanded our reach to over 40% of Victoria’s licenced shooters online and through our member organisations own communications;
  • played a key role in putting a cork in the Adler problem; and
  • drawn attention to politicians on key ongoing issues of concern that we will keep pursuing up to and beyond the next state and federal elections.

Thank you for your support. It has been fantastic – and encouraged us to do a lot, lot more! We look forward to the next 100 days. Read more »

Four years … for owning a lever action?

4 years

Imagine if the ban on lever actions got up. Owning one would be punishable by a sentence of up to 4 years imprisonment.

Even a simple conviction without jail time would limit your career options, make it impossible to travel to some countries and earmark you as a criminal for the rest of your life. Read more »

8 things you can say to your local MP when talking about lever actions

Shooters concerned about the lever action ban should contact their local member of parliament to stop the proposed ban on lever actions.  Doing this is also important for our longer term fight for better firearm policies.

When you do go, there are EIGHT simple things we suggest you say to your MP. Read more »

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