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Superintendent JAWS strikes again

Jaws strikes againA senior officer of Victoria Police has accused gun club members of not taking enough care to secure their firearms. In this article we explain:

  • why he’s wrong;
  • that his own minister and organisation have had to apologise for his conduct; and
  • what you need to do to help us make sure it does not happen again.

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Horror buyback stories

1903 Winchester

The action pictured above is from a Winchester 1903.  A lovely simple gun that is now well over a century old.  Sam lost it when he was 19, in John Howard’s gun buyback.

A few days ago we asked readers for their stories from gun buybacks.   We have four to share with you. Read more »

The lever action ban: What you can do about it

stop lever action ban

The government is proposing to ban your access to repeating action longarms such as lever actions.  Here are some simple things every shooter can do to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Federal Government is moving to reclassify repeating action long arms to remove their access from holders of the majority of licensed gun owners.  This will ban the use of lever action shotguns and rifles, and pump action rifles.

There are two simple steps every shooter can do to help. Read more »

Help FIGHT the Adler A-110 lever action ban!

A110 ban2

UPDATE (26/7/15):  The federal government has suspended the importation of the Adler A-110.  We’re consulting our member organisations and will be having more to say on this shortly.
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UPDATE (31/7/15): Click here to see our post on the Victorian Shooting Industry Fighting Fund for our member organisations:  Field and Game Australia, Firearm Traders Association, Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria (Vic), Victorian Amateur Pistol Association, and Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners.

The proposed Adler A-110 ban is a new, but familiar threat to the shooting sports.  We’ll do our bit but need your support to stop attacks like these on the shooting sports. 

We went through it in 1996 with semi-auto longarms and again in 2002/3 with handguns.

Now our politicians are attacking our right to hold Category A repeating action firearms – lever actions. Here’s a story on it from one of our major papers, the Herald Sun.   Read more »