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David Dunstan: A year on, so what’s happened?

Remember the saga of David Dunstan?  He’s the NSW farmer who, on 14th of September last year, went to the back door of his house on his rural property in NSW with an unloaded 22, after hearing someone trying to get in. Read more »

Why we don’t like surprises

The Andrew’s Labor Government could be set to spring new firearm laws on us without any consultation if it wins this year’s the state election. 

If we’re wrong, then we’ll set the record straight – but the fact remains that the Government and Victoria Police are sitting on 5 pages of “firearm reform legislation” proposals which they fought hard to keep from us, including through our recent VCAT action.

The burning question remains: what will Labor do after the election? Read more »

Media Release: War of words on gun laws after handgun heist

This is something we’ve just put out on calls the Police Minister is making for changes to our gun laws.

MEDIA RELEASE: War of words over gun laws after handgun heist

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria says amendments to proposed changes to Victoria’s gun laws will help, rather than hinder the fight against gun crime. Read more »

Imagine if we saw THIS on the front page of the Herald Sun

IMAGINE if we ever had a front page like this?
This image was something I made up on Photoshop today to show you what could happen if we let our politicians think they can get away with doing us damage.
… actually, it’s not a fake. It’s real … Read more »
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