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Labor and the Greens – and the balance of power

If you had any doubt about what is at stake at this month’s state election, then here’s a clue.

That’s why we’re running a campaign covering every electorate. Our voting advice will come out early next week, when prepolling starts, so stay tuned!


Victorian shooters hit with 20 year hunting moratorium


The state government has announced that hunting in Victoria will be suspended for the next two decades under a moratorium agreed to with the Greens.

The agreement, which has been struck as part of a preference deal ahead of November’s state election, has been met with enthusiasm from environmentalists who say our environment needs time to recover from the damage that hunters cause. Read more »

Not sure what to expect at this year’s Victorian State Election? Just check your inbox

The future of shooting is, unfortunately, subject to what happens at state elections. 

Shooters have lost a lot over the past three decades.  We’ve lost our semi-automatics, face continual pressure over shooting ranges and hunting, and have more and more restrictions on what we can do. Read more »

Weekly Times: Risk of Greens holding Balance-of-Power

For those who think the risk of the Greens holding the balance of power is something that is only a distant possibility, then consider this: they have 2 MPs in the lower house of parliament, and 5 in the upper house.

It’s a matter of when they hold the balance of power, not if.   

Read more »

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