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Why your shooting club should be at the forum!

If you’re a member of a shooting club, then we know the feeling: you can feel isolated from what’s happening across the rest of the Victorian shooting industry. 

That’s why its important your club sends someone to the Victorian Shooting Industry Forum being held in a few weeks time. Read more »

2017 Victorian Shooting Industry Forum. Don’t miss it!

eventbrite-forumAre you angry that the lever-action shotgun issue ever saw the light of day?

Are you worried that the next political attack isn’t far away?  Read more »

The Victorian Shooting Industry Forum – yet to come!


As the countdown to this week’s Victorian Shooting Industry Forum continues, we continue with our daily Facebook posts on topics which will be covered on the day. Read more »

Victoria’s first shooting industry-wide forum

Forum slideVictoria’s shooting organisations have been invited to a forum we’re about to host which aims to change the way our industry is approaching our political problem.  

It’s our aim to make sure you, and your family, can keep shooting.


Read more »