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How Labor – or preferably the Liberals – can fix our police problem

We’ve been critical of the conduct of the Victoria Police over the past couple of years, because of their interference in the policy making process, and refusal to be open and transparent.

Now they have given us a response to another Freedom Of Information (FOI) request which shows how toxic their behaviour has become. 

It’s a deliberate pattern of behaviour which has played a major part on why the shooting community has decided to take a strong position against Labor at this month’s state election. Read more »

Our election wish list: the efficiency review of our registry

With the Victorian State Election now less than 5 months away, the CFCV has issued an election wish list to the major parties. 

At the top of this list is an ‘efficiency review’ of our firearms registry.

Read more »

Media Release: Community at risk over firearm data ‘honeypot’

Victoria’s firearm registry has become a ballooning risk to public safety, according to the political arm of the state’s shooting organisations.

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria president, Bill Paterson, said recent data leaks in Victoria and New South Wales compromised the safety of shooters and community members, and more leaks were inevitable. Read more »

What’s wrong with our registry?

Registry logoOur recent survey of Victorian shooters revealed a major dislike of Victoria’s Licensing Regulation Division – the body responsible for licensing Victorian shooters and registering the firearms we use.

We all know why shooters don’t like the policy underlying firearm regulation.  However we were curious why shooters felt so strongly that the body charged with administering that policy was a poor performer.

One in two shooters said the registry should be scrapped: only one in five said it should be retained. Read more »

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