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Federal Senate results – good or bad for us?

The results are in.  The new Senate comprises the following number of senators:

SenateFrom a shooting perspective it would be fair to say the Greens, Hinch and possibly Xenophon are anti-firearm. Those likely to be for include One Nation, LDP, Family First (Bob Day) and maybe Jacquie Lambie.

If we include the maybes, that would be 13 anti, and 7 for.


As the government would need 9 votes to get a majority (30+9=39, to get more than 50% of 76), any vote important enough to reach the senate could go either way.

Given the Greens would be likely to always vote against what we do, we suspect the overall result would not be good for us; but possibly better than the last Senate we had.

The 22 semi-auto: Villain or Hero?

22 semi autos - devil incarnate or a bunny gun

During the last year we saw how the humble lever action was almost bumped to category C or even D.  Alongside the 22 semi-auto.
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CFCV How-To-Vote guide

John Howard - Never again

Imagine if the candidate you voted for turned out to be a gun-hater.

Don’t let that happen. Make sure you vote for candidates who will stand up for shooters. 

Get your mates to do the same as well.

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Why voting for Hinch is a BAD … BAD … BAD idea

Derryn Hinch is one of Australia’s most famous entertainers.  His heart’s in the right place and you can’t question his passion for what he talks about. However his mind is somewhere else.

This week he launched into Ricky Muir over the Adler and standing up for over 800,000 people whose only crime is to be a legal gunowner.   Ricky’s responses were spot on – this is worth watching. Read more »

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