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How new laws will make it easy to shut down community events

New laws before state parliament will make it easier for protesters to shut down popular events such as motocross, rodeo and organised hunting activities. Read more »

Video2: The 2017 Victorian duck hunting season

This year’s duck season is now underway, and the unwashed continue to protest.

Enjoy it. .. and if you aren’t a duck hunter, why not find out more? You might find you’d like to take it up!

Federal MP misfires on duck hunting

Kelvin Thomson

Federal MP Kelvin Thomson recently wrote to the Victorian Government calling for duck shooting to be banned because, according to him, it’s cruel.

Yet he failed to acknowledge a ban call could strip more than $100m of GDP from rural areas, each year causing irreparable damage to Victoria’s economy.  It could also cost jobs in his own electorate. Read more »

Why every gunowner should worry about “037”


If shooters ignore our voting system, it won’t be a question of “if” the Greens will hold the balance of power in State Parliament, but “when”.

Here’s a number that should worry every shooter. 037.

0– That’s the number of Greens MPs in our state parliament ten years ago today.
3 – the number of Greens who got elected to the upper house in 2006, when the “proportional representation” voting system was introduced.
7– the number of Greens in state parliament right now. Five of them are in the upper house and two in the lower house. Read more »

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