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How buying bread will help you buy more ammo

The CFCV is the political arm of 6 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. 

It fights hard to help stop the sorts of attacks on shooters you’ve seen escalate over the past couple of years.  We do this by backing pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections, in the same way the NRA does in the US. 

This is where you come into the plan. Read more »

We need to do a more. A lot more.

If you’re concerned shooting organisations aren’t doing enough to protect the shooting sports, then don’t blame them.

Blame us. Read more »

Could we ever get our 22 semi-autos back?

22-semi-autos-could-we-get-them-back2Possibly.  Read more »

Better gun laws. Within your reach

Donate (Oct 15)3 We want you to have better gun laws to keep you shooting – and to stop the attacks on what you love to do on the weekend.   We know getting semi-autos back is at the top of your list. We know you’re concerned about whether your kids will be able to go shooting like you did.  We know you hate the gross inefficiency of our firearms registry.  These are just some of the things we’re pursuing for Victorian shooters. Read more »