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Our lever-actions: Join the fight!

As we foreshadowed, the government came back for a third go at our lever-action shotguns and look like getting their way. Read more »

Donations needed URGENTLY for our election fighting fund

Federal Election - donationsWith around a third of voters casting their votes before the day of the election, there is a really pressing need for us to get our voting recommendations – which will be released on TUESDAY – to AS MANY SHOOTERS AS POSSIBLE. Read more »

Support the shooting industry Federal Election fighting fund

Federal Election donations

The 2016 Federal Election provides Victorian shooters with a major opportunity to make a stand on the way they’ve been treated in recent times.  Read more »

The pollies hate what you do. So does the media. Here’s how to stop them

Vic Shooting Industry Fighing Fund

Politicians, media reps and bureaucrats hate what you do. They hate the fact you’re having fun, and that your kids might take up shooting when they get a bit older.

However they’ve taken guns off us before, and won’t stop until you have no guns at all! Read more »