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Opinion: A gun too many, in the eyes of some

You will be aware that Victoria Police (VicPol) has decided to interpret the Firearms Act in a way that means it is now asking shooters applying for their 11th Category B PTA for ‘more information’ on why they need that subsequent firearm.

This matter is being worked on by the CFCV in partnership with others, however one of our friends, lawyer Simon Munslow, has prepared this following article looking at it from his legal point of view.

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Adler: Another loss for shooters?

Adler -update 2 - cat B and DYou might have heard that the talk around Canberra that the feds are proposing to move the Adler A110 5 shot to Category B while the 7 shot version will be moved to Category D.

As ridiculous as it is, this will put the larger capacity Adler along side the AR-15 and FN SCAR.
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