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More from the Herald Sun on the Adler

The Herald Sun has once again, run stories on the proposed Adler ban. Read more »

Herald Sun pushes the Adler barrow – yet again

Herald Sun - Adler - 22 August 2016

Once again the Herald Sun has published an article without including comment from our industry, or declaring the MD’s link to the AMF.

That’s a total of 12 in just 5 months – one every two weeks. Read more »

Why voting for Hinch is a BAD … BAD … BAD idea

Derryn Hinch is one of Australia’s most famous entertainers.  His heart’s in the right place and you can’t question his passion for what he talks about. However his mind is somewhere else.

This week he launched into Ricky Muir over the Adler and standing up for over 800,000 people whose only crime is to be a legal gunowner.   Ricky’s responses were spot on – this is worth watching. Read more »

Police ministers agree on tighter gun laws to stop drive-by shootings



The federal government has obtained the agreement of all states and territories to ban firearms with magazines and more than one barrel ahead of next month’s police minister’s meeting. Read more »

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