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Video blog: Adler – what’s next?

In this video we ask, where will it stop?

As we post this video, we’re working through the “other” changes to the NFA which or government have now approved. We’ll have more to say on this in the next few days.

Whether the ministers were aware that the updated NFA wasn’t just about lever-action shotguns, isn’t known. We suspect they weren’t.

Get ready for more fights.  If you’d like to come to our industry wide forum in early April to hear what our major shooting organisations will be doing about it, then click here to get your ticket now.

Adler: What’s next?

As you will be aware, COAG has approved the reclassification of the Alder shotgun from A, to B for the five shot version, and D for those capable of carrying more than five shots.

That will put the 7 shot version in the same category as the AR-15, which is as ludicrous as it sounds. Read more »

Tim Bull adds pressure on Nats to fight reclassification


The member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has joined Senator McKenzie in making his displeasure over the likely vote on the reclassification of the Adler lever-action shotgun at COAG this coming Friday. Read more »

Nats cross floor on Adler ban


The Nationals took the brave step of crossing the floor in federal parliament earlier this week to support Senator Leyonhjelm’s effort to have the 7 shot Adler import ban lifted. Read more »