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  1. Just off hand, I dont think the hyperlink on the lever action page as per below, is allowing the “join our list” to be clicked on..

    good luck. we’ll need it..

  2. Good pick up. I was mucking around with it yesterday and obviously ‘cut’ rather than ‘cop(ied)’ the link. Thanks for this.

  3. Hi Team

    You’ve probably seen this; it demonstrates the futility of over regulating law-abiding firearms licence holders:

    Love your work.


  4. Thank you for standing up for the rights of ALL Australians

  5. Hi Neil
    Just checked my candidates for Bendigo. Very very slim pickings for supporters in the house of reps. Please advise on ranking candidates

  6. Hi Alex.
    I had a look at Bendigo for someone else and yes, you’ve got slim pickings! Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone worth supporting from a shooting sports point of view, so unfortunately can’t recommend anyone.

    What a problem!

  7. there is nearly 2 million licensed shooters. FORGET THE PAROCHIALISM.START a national drive “GET A MATE” . PARTIAL SUCCESS 3 million, work together biggest political group in AUSTRALIA. THINK ABOUT IT.

  8. Cannot get the link to open, for sending my email, in order to receive a IGA card !

  9. I just saw an article on 10 news last night about a Farmer who “detained ” an armed intruder on his property using a firearm and escorted the offender to the Police but is now in trouble and had his guns confiscated for his actions. I feel that most if not all legal gun owners would support his actions and be disappointed in the apparent actions of the authorities. I would like to see him assisted to get the best possible legal representation to fight these charges. I see this as an important case in our climate of ever increasing incidents of home invasions. Could some fund/forum be organised to assist this bloke?

  10. Can the council please explain to me the point of difference Field and Game have had with the council to warrants its resignation.

    Im a SSAA ADA F&G member of many years and of the opinion nothing can be that bad that we would weaken the groups strength over one issue. The recent email received from F & G does not really explain the issue. I wish to get a clear picture on the matter.

    Thanking you


  11. Thanks Greg. I have emailed you directly.

    Neil Jenkins

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