Member organisations

The core of CFCV’s membership is made up of Victoria’s major shooting organisations.

The following are the full member organisations of the CFCV. Each is recognised as having a state or nation wide interest in shooting.

If you are a shooter but aren’t a member of an organisation, why not join one? They offer competitions, magazines, a great opportunity for your kids to learn how to shoot in a safe environment, and provide political representation to protect what you love to do, through the CFCV.

Show your support for shooting by joining one today. Click on their name to go to their website.

In addition to full membership, the CFCV has Associate Members, most of whom are donors to our cause.

  1. Is it true that your government confiscated your Guns.?

  2. Hi Fred
    Semi autos, yes. Handguns, some of them. Basically anyone with a reasonably clean criminal record can get a licence but what sort of gun will be limited by what your ‘genuine reason’ is, such as club membership.

  3. Hi Neil,
    Just an observation, but is SSAA National a member of the CFCV, or is it just SSAA (Vic) that is a member. They are two different organisations. Your membership list implies that it is SSAA National that is a member. Just a point of clarification. Glad to see you’re still doing such great work.
    David Barton

  4. G’day Dave!

    Long time no hear – and let me acknowledge that you were a key part to the start of the CFCV – as it’s first Secretary if memory serves me right.

    Yes, it’s SSAA Vic. I’ll make that change to our website and email templage.


  5. Good Afternoon, I’m a VHH member as well as someone interested in the future of hunting in Victoria. I would like to know who to contact at your organization regarding a meeting I held today with Peter Walsh, Gary Blackwood and other key members of the coalition. I took it upon myself, not as a member of the VHH or other organization, to contact the coalition and I’m hoping the door that I’ve opened can be useful to all interested organizations. If there is someone you could point me to contact it would be appreciated.

  6. Hi Paul

    Will email you shortly.


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