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The Victorian Shooting Industry Forum – yet to come!


As the countdown to this week’s Victorian Shooting Industry Forum continues, we continue with our daily Facebook posts on topics which will be covered on the day. Read more »

Liberals – Green secret preference deal threatens shooters

Libs Greens dealThe CFCV understands that the Liberals have struck a secret preference deal with the Greens, which will target Labor’s support, and weaken the Nationals chances in key marginal seats.

It’ll also put target shooting and hunting in danger. Read more »

The Great Forest National Park: what it means for shooting in Victoria

GFNP-blog-image2A new national park proposed for Victoria’s inner north east could have a devastating impact on Victoria’s shooting industry.

The CFCV needs you to be ready to take action. Read more »

Why every gunowner should worry about “037”


If shooters ignore our voting system, it won’t be a question of “if” the Greens will hold the balance of power in State Parliament, but “when”.

Here’s a number that should worry every shooter. 037.

0– That’s the number of Greens MPs in our state parliament ten years ago today.
3 – the number of Greens who got elected to the upper house in 2006, when the “proportional representation” voting system was introduced.
7– the number of Greens in state parliament right now. Five of them are in the upper house and two in the lower house. Read more »

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