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The NFA stuff-up: “It was the shooters’ fault”

Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, has provided a three page response to the CFCV led industry paper pointing out anomalies and issues with the updated National Firearms Agreement.

We are grateful for the attention the minister gave to this, as he could just as easily ignored it, but has responded.

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NFA: When “must” does not mean must

It would seem that the National Firearms Agreement isn’t really an agreement after all. Read more »

National Firearms Agreement – update

We’ve got an update on the work being done ‘behind the scenes’ on the revised NFA.

Here it is …. Read more »

Updated NFA: Here’s the joint industry submission

Over the last few weeks, a coalition of shooting organisations, led by the CFCV, engaged one of the most experienced and capable political consultants, to pull a submission to State and Federal Governments to address the changes to the National Firearms Agreement we weren’t told about. Read more »

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