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More funding for shooting ranges

The Weekly Times has run this “great news” story on $3m more funding for shooting ranges under the State Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Program which is aimed at improving shooting facilities around the state.

Thanks to the CFCV! Read more »

Better gun laws. Within your reach

Donate (Oct 15)3 We want you to have better gun laws to keep you shooting – and to stop the attacks on what you love to do on the weekend.   We know getting semi-autos back is at the top of your list. We know you’re concerned about whether your kids will be able to go shooting like you did.  We know you hate the gross inefficiency of our firearms registry.  These are just some of the things we’re pursuing for Victorian shooters. Read more »

The economic study we need


Shooting is a serious contributor to the Victorian economy, worth up to $2 billion per annum, support jobs and regional economies. We believe the government can justify a broad based economic study, with recommendations to identify investment opportunities

A rarely used but important part of the gun debate revolves around economics.  Those opposed to the shooting sports are quick to express their (misguided) views about animal welfare and firearm technology, but rarely if ever challenge the economic benefits the shooting sports bring. Read more »

The pollies hate what you do. So does the media. Here’s how to stop them

Vic Shooting Industry Fighing Fund

Politicians, media reps and bureaucrats hate what you do. They hate the fact you’re having fun, and that your kids might take up shooting when they get a bit older.

However they’ve taken guns off us before, and won’t stop until you have no guns at all! Read more »

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