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Every beer YOU crack open is something EVERY shooter wants to hear

beerImagine if the secret to helping the shooting sports at the upcoming Federal Election was as simple as cracking open another beer?

Guess what … it is!

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Donations needed URGENTLY for our election fighting fund

Federal Election - donationsWith around a third of voters casting their votes before the day of the election, there is a really pressing need for us to get our voting recommendations – which will be released on TUESDAY – to AS MANY SHOOTERS AS POSSIBLE. Read more »

How beer can save the shooting sports!


Imagine if beer proved to be *THE* big secret for shooters at this year’s Federal Election?

Guess what?

It is!!

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Imagine if there was a dedicated fighting fund for the shooting sports?


Imagine if the Victorian shooting industry set up a fighting fund you could donate to, to support better outcomes for the shooting sports? 

One which could help make 2016 a big year for the shooting sports.

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