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Animal activists. We can stop them.

With a state election looming, the threat of animal activists to the future of hunting in our state, should not be understated. Read more »

James Purcell: why we feel betrayed

In this blog we explain why upper house MP, James Purcell, has copped our wrath – and why we think he needs to follow Police Minister, Lisa Neville, into retirement. Read more »

Lisa Neville: Help us get a better police minister

LAST WEEK, the Victorian upper house voted down amendments to new firearm laws which are open to being misused against licensed shooters.

In this blog, we explain what we did to try and stop it, who betrayed us, and why the minister needs to go. Read more »

The ‘inquiry’ into NSW Firearms Act. Or is it?

The David Dunstan saga may be over, however we’re hoping it will leave a legacy for the benefit of shooters in New South Wales, and elsewhere. 

You know the story: Last September, David apprehended an armed intruder on his property with an unloaded 22.  Read more »