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We need to do a more. A lot more.

If you’re concerned shooting organisations aren’t doing enough to protect the shooting sports, then don’t blame them.

Blame us. Read more »

Our latest video: why we support pro-shooting candidates

In our latest video, we explain that we support candidates as individuals rather than the parties they represent

Why your shooting club should be at the forum!

If you’re a member of a shooting club, then we know the feeling: you can feel isolated from what’s happening across the rest of the Victorian shooting industry. 

That’s why its important your club sends someone to the Victorian Shooting Industry Forum being held in a few weeks time. Read more »

Only a few weeks to go

VICTORIAN SHOOTING INDUSTRY FORUM: Now, only a few weeks away.

Print this out for your club as A4 or even A3.  Click the image below to get your ticket!

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