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Our ‘map’ of Victorian shooting organisations and their affiliations


If you were curious about the “who’s who” of shooting in Victoria and who they are affiliated with, then we’ve got it mapped out for you!

A few years ago we prepared a ‘shooting map’ to explain this to members of the Firearms Consultative Committee – so we thought we’d dust it off, update it and improve the layout to show everyone else. Read more »

How buying bread will help you buy more ammo

The CFCV is the political arm of 6 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. 

It fights hard to help stop the sorts of attacks on shooters you’ve seen escalate over the past couple of years.  We do this by backing pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections, in the same way the NRA does in the US. 

This is where you come into the plan. Read more »

Not familiar with our work?

Many of you who follow us online know what we’ve been up to – but many others may not.

So here’s a summary for those of you who are less familiar with our work, of what we’ve been doing over the past few months. Read more »

Join a club today!

Here’s a couple of reasons you should join a shooting club, if you aren’t already a member of one..