David Dunstan: A year on, so what’s happened?

Remember the saga of David Dunstan?  He’s the NSW farmer who, on 14th of September last year, went to the back door of his house on his rural property in NSW with an unloaded 22, after hearing someone trying to get in.

David arrested the intruder (who was armed with a lump of wood and a knife), before handing him over to the police who were in the area, looking for him after an earlier report of an intruder by a neighbour.

All was good until the police turned up at David’s place the following day – to seize HIS guns – and then restrict his wife from being able to store guns at their home.  The story got national and international coverage.

Oddly enough, no-one was helping David dealing with the police, so we decided to see if we could do something for him.  A visit to David’s property and your donations helped us get the ball rolling, hiring him a lawyer with expertise in NSW firearm laws, who was able to do what he could to help. Not only that but our story was shared with over a quarter of a million people – such was the injustice that occurred.

Several letters and phone calls later, David got his guns back – but not until more than a month had passed.

At the time, NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, flew down to see David before returning to Sydney and promising to refer the issue of gun laws in NSW to the Law and Safety Committee of Parliament.  This, he did in November last year.

A year on from the event – and nearly 10 months after the referral – the committee is yet to even look at the matter.   While that is frustrating, we understand that the current matter it is dealing with will wrap up in October, hopefully leading to a start around then.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens and what you can do – as the antis will obviously jump in to have their say as well – but we want to see something meaningful come out of this, because it’s an important issue for shooters in and outside NSW which needs to be resolved.

Stay tuned.

  1. And if the current trend of violent Somali house break ins/assaults and car jackings continue I suppose we are not allowed to defend ourselves.

  2. If anyone is interested, I have been keeping track as best I can since May this year.
    Update on Assaults, Murder, Rapes, Car Jackings & Home invasions as of May 2018.

  3. If the referral was to do with politicians wages it would’ve been dealt with the same week!

  4. When people say “use the system” there is usually crickets on the matter of time, money and energy required to interact with those within and funded by that same system.

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