Poll: Tell us what you think this year’s state election means for the shooting sports

With the Victorian State Election looming, we’ve got a quick question on what shooters think the election means for them.

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  1. If the greens get the balance of power,then all of this will come into play The loss of hunting areas
    Having more guns taken away from us – regardless of who wins
    Tighter gun laws – regardless of who wins
    The Greens getting the balance of power being the worst possible result
    A re-elected Labor government being bad for us siding with the greens
    The Coalition regaining power being bad if they side with the greens

  2. Not good if greens get balance of power . They are rat bags at the best of times .

  3. I picked one, but in reality I think all of the above are on the cards.

  4. My son just came home from high school tonight and told me he had to write a an essay on a paper written supposedly some journalist ? on why guns should be banned, it just tells me the gun hating governments of this once proud land are already in the ears of our next generation getting at them through suggestive education, should he have spoken up ??, he did once before and was exited from class for being disruptive, make no mistake it doesn’t matter which side of government rules the day state or federal its on all their agendas, only way to stop them as we all know is to take away their lively hood, and by that i mean their jobs………….vote them out.

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