Not sure what to expect at this year’s Victorian State Election? Just check your inbox

The future of shooting is, unfortunately, subject to what happens at state elections. 

Shooters have lost a lot over the past three decades.  We’ve lost our semi-automatics, face continual pressure over shooting ranges and hunting, and have more and more restrictions on what we can do.

The more recent rise of the Greens, fuelled by voters in inner urban areas, has raised even more threats to shooting – in particular, the future of hunting.   They have 7 MPs in parliament, so imagine what they would do to us if they ended up holding the balance of power after this year’s Victorian state election.

To give you a hint, they have raised the issue of duck hunting in parliament 47 times since the last election in 2014.  They also stood alongside protesters at duck opening, so it’s not hard to see what they would do, given the chance.

Our nightmare scenario

Imagine if, in one year from now, we were posting blogs about having lost duck hunting and handguns, all because the Greens got what they wanted?

Imagine if we were also talking about more legislation to strip licences from our juniors and longarm possession was limited to two per licence holder.  Sounds far fetched? Not if the Greens get their way.

That’s why the CFCV is ramping things up again.  We’ve shown what can be done with a well organised and targeted campaign, and intend to do more.  That’s why we’re going to run our largest ever campaign to make sure shooters like us don’t end up voting for the wrong people.

What to do

Your part is easy.  All you need to do is to stay on top of who the major shooting organisations believe is worth getting our support, before you cast your vote.  You can do this simply by joining our email list (by clicking here).

You’ll receive regular email updates on key issues affecting what we do, and closer to the election, detailed voting information so you have the information you need, as you figure out who to vote for.

It’s that simple.  It’s important information which you can check on your phone, and then get on with the rest of your day.

Join our list now by clicking here – and of course, you can opt out anytime.

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