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Weekly Times: Risk of Greens holding Balance-of-Power

For those who think the risk of the Greens holding the balance of power is something that is only a distant possibility, then consider this: they have 2 MPs in the lower house of parliament, and 5 in the upper house.

It’s a matter of when they hold the balance of power, not if.   

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Video: voting on our donation laws

SFFP set to vote on laws which help our enemies

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: The Victorian upper house is about to vote on new donation laws, which will see millions of taxpayer dollars funnelled into the pockets of the major parties – with the Greens getting nearly $6.3m. 

That’s nearly $900,000 per Green MP – the highest funding per MP of any party. 

That’s bad news for us because it’ll improve their chances of getting what they want – which is a complete ban on duck hunting and probably more.

The vote could happen as early as this coming Tuesday, so your urgent action is needed. Read more »

How new laws will make it easy to shut down community events

New laws before state parliament will make it easier for protesters to shut down popular events such as motocross, rodeo and organised hunting activities. Read more »