Superintendent allegedly caught with unregistered guns

3AW has reported that a Superintendent has been caught with unregistered firearms.

He apparently does not hold a firearms licence and despite this, has been suspended on full pay. Please, please, please give me a job where you can be suspended on full pay!

Click here to see the story.  We’ll follow this with real interest….

  1. Yes, well it always has appeared to be one law for the police & another law for citizens. To my way of thinking, when an officer of the law commits a crime the penalty should be much more stringent.
    To be suspended on full pay is ludicrous.

  2. Bruno Luciani

    Make your bed now sleep it, how many more like him?

  3. In SA we had a similar incident. As we understand it a civilian employee responsible for the Police Ballistic Section firearms library was found not to have a firearms licence. However the Registrar said words to the effect that he knew him (the civilian) and he was OK. No charges and no apology to we tax payers and firearms licensees that do the right thing.

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