Monthly Archives: June 2018

New donation laws: How our political parties want to line their pockets with our money

The Government has introduced legislation to change radically Victoria’s electoral laws. 

This Bill has been passed already by the Legislative Assembly and is scheduled to be debated by the Legislative Council next week. 

If the Bill is passed, taxpayers will do what politicians ought to do themselves: finance the campaigns for them to keep their jobs, get a job or get a better job.  Read more »

Why you should put all your eggs in one basket

We’ve seen successive government take away our semi-autos, come after our handguns and reclassify our lever-action shotguns.

With our next state election now less than six months away, we need to make a difference if we are to protect what we love to do, from our opponents.  Read more »

Superintendent allegedly caught with unregistered guns

3AW has reported that a Superintendent has been caught with unregistered firearms.

He apparently does not hold a firearms licence and despite this, has been suspended on full pay. Please, please, please give me a job where you can be suspended on full pay!

Click here to see the story.  We’ll follow this with real interest….