Monthly Archives: May 2018

Why the NSW Firearms Registry is wrong on firearm deposits

In the past few days, we received information about a new interpretation the NSW Police are applying to the NSW Firearm Act, which, if we’re not careful, could be applied elsewhere.

The short version is this: NSW police have threatened a gun dealer with supplying firearms to customers without permits to acquire, on the basis it took deposits from them.  We’re also advised the dealer has been threatened with being charged for “every gun he has accepted a deposit for”. Read more »

Why we don’t like surprises

The Andrew’s Labor Government could be set to spring new firearm laws on us without any consultation if it wins this year’s the state election. 

If we’re wrong, then we’ll set the record straight – but the fact remains that the Government and Victoria Police are sitting on 5 pages of “firearm reform legislation” proposals which they fought hard to keep from us, including through our recent VCAT action.

The burning question remains: what will Labor do after the election? Read more »

Victoria’s firearms industry-wide election fighting fund for shooters

We’re driving the first industry-wide election fighting fund for the Victorian firearms community for this year’s Victorian State Election.

If you’re frustrated like everyone else about how little respect we’re getting from the major political parties, and want to know what to do about it, then check this out.

Click here to donate through Paypal, or here to donate through GoFundMe.