Monthly Archives: April 2018

New video encouraging shooters to follow the CFCV

Here’s a quick video encouraging shooters who may be a bit unsure about who to vote for at this year’s Victorian State Election, to sign up to our email list or follow us online.

You already do that, so you don’t need to do anything – but if you know someone who should see this, why not forward it to them?

They can join our email list at:

Dodgy stats: When a glue gun is counted as a ‘firearm’

This week’s Weekly Times carried a great story and even greater editorial on the accuracy of stats relating to firearm thefts. Read more »

Minister remakes our firearm regulations. Good news? Who knows?

Victoria’s Police Minister, Lisa Neville, has advised stakeholders who made submissions to the review of the Firearms Regulations that the regulations will be remade with no increase in fees. Read more »