Launching our 2018 Victorian State Election fundraising campaign

JUST LAUCHED: Here is the first of what will be many videos promoting our fundraising for this year’s Victorian State Election.  Every dollar will go to supporting candidates who support the shooting sports – and targetting those who do not.

Since starting in 2002, the CFCV has had some fantastic wins, such as $12.5m for range upgrades and removing bad pollies from public office.

We’ve been able to help keep duck hunting, helped to stop the Greens winning the balance-of-power, and secured changes to the Vic Firearms Act to make it easier for club members to obtain and keep their firearms licences.

However this year’s election carries some risks that if the Greens vote grows, the pressure will be on both sides of politics to ban duck hunting and create the Great Forest National Park, both of which would have a devastating impact on the shooting sports.

Not only do we need to stop these from happening, but we need to offer solutions to grow our industry.

After consulting industry colleagues, the CFCV has developed a number of great initiatives which have been put to the major parties for them to consider, in the lead up to the election.

These initiatives seek to enhance the role shooting plays in the Victorian economy; secure more funding programs to help shooters; and other things such as trying to get our 22 semi-autos back.

If you’d like to support the campaign, you can donate through:

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