Media Release: War of words on gun laws after handgun heist

This is something we’ve just put out on calls the Police Minister is making for changes to our gun laws.

MEDIA RELEASE: War of words over gun laws after handgun heist

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria says amendments to proposed changes to Victoria’s gun laws will help, rather than hinder the fight against gun crime.

The comments come after Monday’s theft of approximately 50 handguns when Police Minister, Lisa Neville, accused the upper house of stalling new gun laws she says would remove illegal guns from the streets.

CFCV Vice President, Jack Wegman, said the legislation the government has introduced seeks to bring in wide new powers which would enable police to stop and search anyone who is the subject of special new firearm prohibition orders, as well as anyone in their company. The order would also prohibit the person from visiting places where firearms are kept, including friends and family who may own firearms.

“The government introduced the laws to allow police to issue orders on criminals and bikie gang members, but the way the legislation was worded means they could be issued on anyone, from irate taxi drivers, to protesters, to journalists who have done nothing wrong”, he said.

“They could be issued on anyone as young as 14 years old.”

“The legislation was well meaning, but ill-conceived which is why we have raised our concerns”

In November, the Liberal opposition responded to those concerns with amendments to bring the legislation back into line with what the government intended.

“The changes we’re seeking will ensure that decisions are made by senior police and ensure that the person who is the subject of an order has the right to appeal against the decision in a reasonable timeframe”.

“This is a debate about protecting the civil liberties for people who have done nothing wrong.”

He said if the government was prepared to accept the need for appropriate checks and balances, then it will end up with the laws it originally wanted.

  1. Hi Neil,
    An opportunity presents on TheAge website today to comment on Noel Towell’s article about Lisa Neville trying to ram through the proposed firearms prohibition orders, for the CFCV to clarify the requested amendments for the greater publics’ understanding. Regards

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