This year’s Victorian State Election: why the outcome matters to you


Imagine if the Greens held the balance of Power in the Victorian upper house of our state parliament.   Or in the lower house …or both …

The damage they could do would be significant.   Duck, deer, and other forms of hunting would be under threat. The creation of a “Great Forest National Park” could limit your ability to go hunting.

Owning a handgun would become a thing of the past – and you can forget about owning a rifle scope.  Or keeping your antiques.

The Greens: the enemy to beat

If the Greens got their way, you will need a psychiatrist’s certificate to keep your licence – and be taxed  $1,500 a year.

A few months ago, The Age ran a story where it quoted one of their then leader, Greg Barber, who said:

“At the next state election in 2018, we can win balance of power in the lower house, in fact we are only a few thousand votes short of that aim,”

The problem is, Barber’s right.

In Victoria, the Greens have five MPs in the upper house and three in the lower house. There are at least  another three other lower house seats within their reach.  Imagine that: if they had five MPs in each house of parliament.  The problem with this isn’t just about the Greens: it’s the temptation of the major parties to cut deals with them to form and hold government.  If we sit idly by, lwe’ll become the fodder offered to keep them happy.

It’s not a threat we face for just the next four years: it’s a threat we face for the next 20.

They are very effective

The Greens have shown what they can do. They’ve already secured millions of your dollars to deal with climate change issues, policies which have put significant pressure on the timber industry among others.

Further restricting gun ownership is simply another notch they need to get in their belt.

What we can do about it

As many of you know, the CFCV is the political umbrella for 7 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations.

We run election campaigns to ensure the favour is returned in exchange with political support from the major parties.

We saw what this can do. In the mid 2000s, we had a number of wins, including funding for range upgrades, the continuation of duck hunting and establishment of the Firearms Consultative Committee and a couple of other initiatives which were funded.

Recent attacks on shooters – namely, the move to reclassify our lever-action shotguns and slap ‘Firearm Prohibition Orders’ on anyone the police don’t like – combined with the rising Green vote, means we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure we end up winners out of this year’s Victorian State Election, rather than losers.

What we’ll do

We know you care about your ability to go shooting, and we have already shown you what can be achieved.

2018 is a year of threat and opportunity.  That’s why its important that you have the right information when you vote at this year’s state election, so you know who is and is not safe to vote for.

We’ll not only look at the candidates, but where their preferences flow. Importantly we do the number crunching for you.  If we can have a meaningful impact at the ballot box in a small number of key seats, then hopefully the majors will leave us alone, no matter what the Greens might want.  This is going to be an arm wrestle, with a lot at stake

So if the thought of having the Greens control one or both houses of parliament – and what they can do to us – scares you, then make sure you vote properly.

Make sure your mates do as well – because if they don’t, their vote could put what you love to do, at risk.

Knowing who to vote for is easy to find out

Make sure you get behind the CFCV by following us online, or joining our email list by clicking here.  Then get a mate to join up as well.

That way both of you will receive our voting advice in the lead up to November’s state election.

  1. so why would you vote liberal or labour if they then vote on party lines.. Don’t matter if the guy is even a shooter.. he will NOT cross the floor as he would loose his job.. better we work to get shooter and fisher party guys elected… NSW has show it can be done !!!!

  2. There is an Australia wide attack on the rights of licensed firearms owners. It is being pushed through the Federal AG Branch by the real government. That is the career public servants that push their agenda year after year after year. It is further pushed at the national level by Police Ministers and Police Commissioners and other non elected individuals. This attack is coordinated via national meeting of the above groups where they decide, agree on and coordinate gun control strategy on a national basis. Effectively each State’s citizens are being governed by a this group that operate outside of each State and probably outside each State’s Constitution. For example, I don’t recall voting for or agreeing to another State’s Minister or Commissioner of Police to make decisions for or on behalf of the citizens of the State of South Australia where I reside. I am sure that residents of other States were not asked about SA Ministers and our Commissioner of Police making decisions/policy on firearms issues either. Yet here we have it. Control by a group of self appointed and very biased policy makers and enforcers outside of our respective States and Territories dictating matters of law making and policy to the very citizens that ultimately give them their powers.So I fully agree with the CFCV position on this election we as a group must make very effort to ensure that we vote for the right candidates at the next State Election and the next Federal Election or we will lose more of our rights as law abiding gun owners. For what it is worth I think a good counter argument (but a little controversial) would be to start floating the idea that if there is ever a total prohibition on legitimate licensing and ownership of firearms by citizens, then there will very little need for all police officers and other law enforcement officers to carry firearms because all of the problem firearms owned by problem firearms licensees will be gone along with the extreme threat that private firearms ownership poses. Right?

  3. The fact is that many people consider that the Greens are the best party to vote for, because they actually care or appear to care about climate change & the welfare of the people. Their problem with firearms is that like the Libs & labour they are ignorant in regards to firearms, & we gun owners are doing nothing to educate them. Instead we are fractured, we fail to back minorities. We promote long range firearms & let it be known that we want our semi-autos back.

    The majority of gun owners in Australia are their own worst enemy. We should be promoting heavy sentencing for armed criminals, we should be promoting sensible gun control by looking at the problem sensibly & making our own submissions, even if it is only to the general public so that they are not so ignorant. We should be looking at the problems in society that are causing armed crime. We should be pushing hard to allow citizens the right to legal armed self defence, even if it is only being able to use capsicum spray.

    The general public does not see law abiding licenced gun owners as being any help at all, they see us as a fraternity that just WANTS & does not GIVE. We NEED to be doing more for the community, for the people of Australia gun owner or not. We need to raise awareness that we ARE good law abiding citizens that will crucify any gun owner that steps out of line.

    What we NEED is a national firearms organisation that will fight for our rights & educate the public big time. The SSAA are abominable, they are only in it for themselves, they don’t give a damn about Australian gun owners being using us to line their own pockets. The SSAA are our enemy, they encourage separatism! If you don’t agree with their ideas & rules then you are out!
    We will never win our rights & decent firearms laws unless we all pull together, all States need to pull together. All I see is Victoria this & Queensland that, what about the rest of Australia???!!!

    WE NEED that National Firearms Organisation or we are going to go under.

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