Open letter to shooting organisations: Firearms Amendment Bill

Here is a letter we are sending to all Victorian shooting organisations today.  It is hopefully self explanatory.  Please feel free to share it if you are on the executive of an organisation, or know someone who is.

Dear shooting organisation,

Last September, the State Government introduced a Bill into Victorian State Parliament which proposes changes to the (Vic) Firearms Act 1996 which are problematic.

Among them is the introduction of the ability of a delegate of the Chief Commissioner (down to Superintendent level), to issue a “Firearms Prohibition Order” on any person.  The effect of this would be to not only prohibit them from owning or possessing firearms, but subject them to searches at any time, and prohibit them from visiting gun clubs and any other place where firearms may be stored.  This includes the homes of other licensed shooters who may be family or friends.

The original intent of this was to address police concerns in relation to criminals and bikie gangs.  However the Bill does not read that way: it could apply to anyone which opens it up to abuse.

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria has been leading a campaign to have the Bill either removed, or amended so that it aligns with that original intent.

In November, Mr Edward O’Donohue from the Liberal Party moved amendments to the Bill which would go some way to satisfying our concerns.  However the support of various cross-benchers will also be needed. The changes we are seeking are to shorten the duration of Firearm Prohibition Orders, make it easier to appeal against one and to restrict the Chief Commissioner’s delegation to Assistant Commissioner.

Debate on the Bill resumes in February (possibly as soon as the 6th) and the CFCV would be keen to ensure that as many shooting organisations as possible lend their support to those changes.

We are therefore requesting that your shooting organisation (and clubs, if there is time) write to email your local member of parliament supporting the changes by the end of January, before parliament resumes. You can find your local member at: Or, if you prefer, you can send it to Mr O’Donohue at: Edward.O’

All you need to say is that:

  • you are aware of the amendments Mr O’Donohue has moved to the Firearms Amendment Bill; and
  • your shooting organisation supports the amendments; and
  • your shooting organisation appreciates his efforts in ensuring the Bill is brought back to its original intent.

Please let me know if you have any queries or need any help with this.


Neil Jenkins – CFCV


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