Vic Hound Hunters join the CFCV

The CFCV welcomes the Victorian Hound Hunters as a Full Member of the CFCV.

The VHH – which obviously represents hound hunting interests – has joined the ranks of major shooting organisations who are providing political representation for the shooting community.

We already cover a broad range of interests across the shooting sector.

The expertise the VHH brings to the table will add more hunting expertise to our group.  It also reflects increasing recognition within the Victorian shooting community of the political risks we face.  Once again, the Greens are pushing the Great Forest National Park so we’re more than happy to have the VHH on board to help us with our analysis of what the proposal means.

The timing of their decision to join the CFCV is also very welcome, with our ongoing work to:

  • convince upper house MPs to vote for changes to the Firearms Amendment Bill, and
  • bring greater transparency to the way our firearm laws are made and our regulators work – such as through our recent VCAT action.

…. all in the lead up to next year’s Victorian State Election.

So, welcome aboard to the committee and members of the VHH.   We look forward to see you at the table at our next meeting in December.

If you would like the CFCV to explain the advantages of membership to your organisation, just drop us a line at

(Photo courtesy VHH)

  1. The CFCV is for Victoria, who do we have in NSW?
    Regards, Keith.

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