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Dave gets his guns back

You know the story – David Dunstan is the NSW farmer who became the victim of an atrocious bureaucracy that took his guns off him for defending himself against an armed intruder carrying a knife at his back door at 3 in the morning.

Five and a half weeks on, the NSW Police have finally advised David that he can have his firearms licence back.  All David has to do now is go and get his licence from Albury Police Station and then his guns.

UPDATE (26/10):  David advises that he now has his licence – and his guns!  
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Abandoned by The Nationals

20 years ago, the National Party lost a large part of its support base when it backed John Howard on the ban on semi-automatic firearms.  Shooters felt abandoned, and gravitated to  minor parties which emerged, such as One Nation.

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Three weeks later, we still don’t have an answer

David Dunstan was doing nothing more than being at home at night with his family, when his terriers – Tax and Pip – told him something was wrong.

The story of what happened next echoed around the nation after he grabbed his 22 to confront the man with a knife and piece of wood at his back door. 

The man was arrested: no-one got hurt. Except that NSW Police took HIS guns and suspended HIS licence. Read more »