Let’s help David get his guns back

UPDATE:  David’s licence will be returned today.  Click here for more

By now half of Australia has heard about David Dunstan’s plight. 

David’s the guy who used his unloaded 22 to stop an intruder breaking into his house at 3:30 in the morning armed with a knife and piece of wood.  David persuaded the guy to sit in his car and ended up handing him over to the police. 

The problem is, the police then went back to David’s property to  confiscate HIS guns and hit him with a Notice of Suspension.  This means David’s hands will now be tied until the police decide whether or not they’re going to charge him (… with what?).

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria has organised for David to have proper legal representation by a lawyer with expertise in NSW firearms law to get his guns back.

However this is going to cost big money – we think around the $20k mark – so we’ve started this GoFundMe campaign to help David get his guns back and leave his good name intact.

This isn’t just about David. It’s about how the police deal with shooters who haven’t anything wrong – and the right of every homeowner to defend themselves.

You can see the GoFundMe campaign page at: www.gofundme.com/help-dave-get-his-guns-back

  1. Why can’t we do a citizen initiated referendum and have the constitution changed to include self defense.

  2. I think the offender who broke into his home armed with a knife should not only foot the legal bill to defend David but also should forced to pay David compensation.

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