Our ‘map’ of Victorian shooting organisations and their affiliations


If you were curious about the “who’s who” of shooting in Victoria and who they are affiliated with, then we’ve got it mapped out for you!

A few years ago we prepared a ‘shooting map’ to explain this to members of the Firearms Consultative Committee – so we thought we’d dust it off, update it and improve the layout to show everyone else.

The pic below is the result. It sets out all the “bricks & mortar” shooting organisations with their main affiliations and what those main outputs are.  What we haven’t included are internet based organisations or political parties. Nor have we included the individual clubs of which there are approx 400 in our state.

You will see a couple of organisations representing commercial interests who are there because of their affiliations to bodies like the FCC.

To some, it will seem to be a jumble. While there may be some developments which are historical (in some cases dating back to when some organisations provided civilian support to our defence forces), some of the other alignments make some sense given the size and breadth of the shooting community – across rifle, pistol, shotgun, collecting etc, and then the level of competition, such as local, international, Olympic etc.  Regardless of whether the logic actually stands up, it’s good to see such a broad range of organisations servicing a wide range of interests.

If you represent an organisation which isn’t affiliated to the CFCV, then drop us a line at admin@firearmscouncil.org.au and we’ll take it from there.  We offer full membership and associate memberships, which we can explain in more detail to you.

Enjoy the map. Click here or the image to see & download the full size version. 


  1. Vic. Field & Game (Port Phillip) have no affiliation with anyone other than Field & Game Australia.

  2. Thanks but that is a different entity to the FGA Port Phillip branch. It’s confusing, but that’s the info we got from FGA.

  3. The information you have received is in correct, I can assure you they are not a different entity, there is only one Port Phillip Field & game and they are not affiliated with anyone other than Field & Game Australia.

    Also while we are at it:
    Are you sure the Australian Deer Association are affiliated with Gamecon?
    Field & Game Australia and the Australian Deer Association are national Bodies

  4. Hi again. I have spoken again with one of our FGA delegates and updated the Port Phillip box with “Aus Sporting Clays” and removed the Port Phillip reference – and also now understand the history there. As for FGA and ADA being national bodies, I have marked them as such although they have no national affiliation structures but at least it will now be consistent with the national air rifle and biathlon associations. As for Gamecon, I have conferred with two Gamecon people who say that is correct. I did also ask ADA to review it but they didn’t respond. If I get info to the contrary, I’d be happy to updated it. Thanks for your input!

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